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poniedziałek, 28 grudnia 2009

Netbeans 6.8 : JavaFX editor

As we almost all* know modern progaming language is not only semantic, keywords, compiler, additional open source and commercial libraries but also a good editor that simplifys and speedups every day development.

I really like JavaFX but  lets be honest here - JavaFX Script is still missing SOME (I don't want to be too cruel here ;) ) of those features so I am very pleased to see enhanced JavaFX editor in latests  NetBeans IDE 6.8 release.
So what new features  do we get  ?
  • Code formating (FINALLY) - yes yes! it is not a joke! prior to NetBeans 6.8 release there was no code formating for JavaFX Script. But lets forget about this, we have it now and it works pretty well(standard shortcut: alt+shift+F).  I hope that from now on  we will never again see so absurd posts like this one 
  •  finding usage - you can search for usage of methods and variables in JavaFX files. But we can not search for Java members usage in JavaFX files :(
  •  rename refactoring - but again just like in "find usage", changing name of java member wont refactor usage of those memebers in javaFX files. But still it is better to have renaming then not having it ;)
  •  moving classes to an other package

As we can see those enhancements are not so big and still lots of refactoring  and cross Java/JavaFX functionalities are missing, but hey! half a loaf is better than none ;)

[*] cheers for all VIMronosauruses - my favorite type of dinosaur :)

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